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Exterior House Painting – Instead Of Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is not for everyone. There are still many homeowners in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who prefer natural cedar wood siding, or for one reason or another have opted not to invest in re-siding their house. For them, finding a quality exterior house painting contractor who is also affordable is a top priority to keeping their maintenance costs down.

Prevention beats restoration every time. A wood sided house that is maintained regularly will look great and last for many generations. The key to preventing major restoration work is to have your house painting done every 5 to 7 years. Paint or stain protects the NH Exterior House Paintingwood on your home. Sunlight and rain breaks down that protective coating. Once that protective layer is gone, moisture sets in and begins to rot the wood siding, trim or fascia. Soffit and attic ventilation also play a key role in protecting the wood on your home's exterior.
When you hire us for your exterior house painting project in the Manchester NH area, you get more than just house painters.  When we meet with you, we don't just give you a price to paint your house. We do a home exterior audit. We will look at your roof, fascia and gutters to inspect for rot and water intrusion. As a homeowner, we feel you need to know if there is a greater issue that could cost you more money to fix later on.
How about a "home face lift?" Sometimes an exterior house painting job is not enough. If your home has trim rot or if you need your roof replaced, ventilation installed, a deck stained, or a foundation painted, ask about our home face lift discount. Maybe your trim is in good shape, but you'd like a little different look. A covered entryway or farmers porch with recessed lighting is an affordable way to dress up the home exterior and add value to it. At Absolute Painting and Remodeling we love little add-on projects like these because they make you look good in your neighborhood. And when you look good, we look good!



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