What’s Your Weekend Worth?

I heard a story not too long ago from a homeowner who needed their deck stained, that reminded me of the value we provide as a painting service.

This homeowner had figured out that all it would cost to stain his deck was a can of stain and a case of beer. The stain was for the deck, and the beer was for his two best friends who were going to help him. They picked a Saturday in the middle of summer that worked for all of their schedules. As they started to stain the deck, the skies opened up and down poured. So they decided to open the beer and wait it out.

After a couple beers the rain stopped, but it was lunchtime so this homeowner decided to throw some stuff on the grill. The work that was done had washed away and needed to be restained, so they were going to need to eat in order to get through all the work ahead. They ate and drank until mid afternoon when the deck had dried sufficiently to where they could start working again. But then this homeowner realized he wasn't going to have enough stain, so he needed to go down to Home Depot to get another can. His friends waited, drank a little more, and talked until he got back. By this time his friends had to leave and the deck staining project was postponed for another day. That day never came.

The the beer is long gone, and the deck remained half-stained, an eyesore and a nagging reminder to this homeowner of a project unfinished.

How much are your weekends worth? A simple home exterior project that may take you weeks to finish, is all in a days work for us.

Not only will we do it fast, we will do it right. Decks are often in full sun. They warp and split with the heat. There is usually a fair amount of sanding and nail setting prep work to do before we stain, to make sure the deck stays in good shape until the next time around.

The moral of the story? Let your friends do what they do best–be friends. And hire us to do what we do best–give you back your weekends!



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